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  VIRTUAL Ovarian Cancer Run/Walk 

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Saturday, Sept 26 - Wednesday, Sept 20, 2020
ANYTIME....ANYWHERE between Sept 26-Sept 30!!! 


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More important than anything right now is the health and safety of EVERYONE EVERYWHERE - including the women and families we work to serve on a daily basis. As a result, this year's ovarian cancer Run/Walk is going VIRTUAL!

For 22 years, Ovar'coming Together, Indiana's nonprofit resource, support and education organization for ovarian cancer, has provided the Run/Walk as a means to raise funds to help fulfill Ovar'coming Together's mission of creating awareness, supporting ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers, and funding research-related initiatives. 

* Typically the event includes a 1-mile walk, 5K walk and a 5K run (competitive or not) from which registered participants can choose.

* This year the event allows participants to RUN OR WALK (OR SKIP, JOG, SKATE -- whatever works for you) for one of the given distances at anytime during September 26-30! 




* On or before September 30th, SHARE YOUR PHOTOS AND STORIES about your participation on Ovar'coming Together's facebook and twitter pages! BEST PHOTOS WILL BE DISPLAYED ON OUR WEBSITE so make your event and photos fun -- include your family, display your TEAL in the loudest and proudest way possible, carry signs to honor and remember those affected by the disease, make symptom signs to educate those you pass during your walk or run!


* Have friends and families commit a donation on your pledge page for completing the event.  During these unprecedented times, your support is more important than ever!

* Remember the importance of all COVID-19 protocols which have been prescribed. 


* Have fun and know you are making a statement and a big difference!


Ovar'coming Together is grateful to everyone who helps make the Run/Walk a success each year. In past years, we've had participants from as many as 17 different states be a part of the event. As many as 1,600 people have participated. Pledges have topped $90,000. DURING THIS TOUGH TIME WHEN YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED MORE THAN EVER! HELP US TO BREAK THESE RECORDS IN 2020! 

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