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Cancer Survivorship is a challenge faced by millions of Americans. Survivorship focuses on adapting to life with, through, and beyond cancer. Self-advocacy and taking responsibility for your cancer care through open communication, shared decision making, and active participation is imperative. Self-advocacy builds confidence and can improve quality of life.


Ovar'coming Together provides a variety of programs to support survivors (and caregivers). We invite you to participate in all that interest you. Many survivors also find volunteering to be an effective outlet, as well as a way to make connections with others who are dealing with ovarian cancer whether it be other survivors, family members, caregivers or advocates.

Survivor Support

Newly diagnosed?
Request a HOPE Packet

HOPE PACKETS are packets of information provided FREE of charge to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and to medical professionals who assist in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Packets include books, resource listings, general information, brochures, catalogs, awareness materials, and more.

Survivor programs NOTE: Some programs may be postponed due to COVID-19

Survivor Programs


Medical professionals and other qualified experts speak on occasion, at our request, regarding a variety of topics such as survivorship, genetics, diet, treatments, complementary medicine and more. Meeting announcements are emailed to survivors and a schedule of upcoming events can always be found on the organization's calendar.


For many ovarian cancer survivors, sometimes the best support comes from connecting directly with another woman who has ovarian cancer and whose experiences with the disease are similar. Upon request, and with permission from both parties, Ovar'coming Together will work to connect peers. This arrangement can be extremely helpful and lead to long-lasting friendships or simply short-term connections to share experiences.


Each year (usually in late February), a special luncheon is hosted by Ovar'coming Together to honor and celebrate ovarian cancer survivors. It is a free event for survivors and includes delicious food, great company, time to network and share, entertainment, door prizes and more.


Fun classes and social outings are regularly scheduled for survivors. Community outings might include trips, classes, meals together, or more.

Themed survivor outtings called "Bunches" are coordinated by Ovar'coming Together, as well as independently, to help connect survivors to enjoy occasional small-group meals at various locations. 

Survivor resources

The following resources may help guide you in your survivor journey.


Contact information for
Indian GYN-OCS




Interim Guidance for the Management of Average-Risk Women with Symptoms Suggestive of Ovarian Cancer



Using this Diary will help your doctor understand your symptoms, and whether ovarian cancer should be a consideration in your diagnosis.



Learn more about ovarian cancer, its symptoms and its treatment options.


The following organizations also include support and resources to ovarian cancer survivors. 
Click on the organization title to be directed toward their website.

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA)
Largest global organization dedicated to advancing ovarian cancer research while supporting women and their families. Holds an annual Ovarian Cancer National Conference. Survivors, caregivers and supporters are invited to choose from dozens of breakout sessions and meet hundreds of others whose lives have been touched by ovarian cancer.

National Cancer Institute
The Federal Government's principal agency for cancer research and training.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS)
NCCS’ mission is to advocate for quality cancer care for all people touched by cancer. Offers an award-winning Cancer Survival Toolbox® which is a FREE self-advocacy audio program. It was created by leading cancer organizations to help people living with cancer develop skills to better meet and understand the challenges of their illness. 

Caring Bridge
A nonprofit organization which allows people facing various medical conditions and their family and friends to communicate. It is the first non-profit social network with global reach whose mission is to connect loved ones during a health journey through personal and private websites. 

World Ovarian Cancer Coalition (WOCC)
The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is a not-for-profit organization, working across the globe to reduce the impact ovarian cancer has on the lives of women and their loved ones. Sponsors World Ovarian Cancer Day. 

American Cancer Society
A nationwide, community-based health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.


Cancer Care
A national nonprofit organization that provides free support services to individuals, families, caregivers and the bereaved to help them better cope with the emotional and practical challenges arising from cancer.

Cancer Support Community of Central Indiana
Indiana nonprofit organization that provides psychological and social support for people with cancer and their families. Services include weekly support groups, mind/body stress management programs, educational workshops, and networking/social activities.

Foundation for Women's Cancers
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to funding research and training, and ensuring education and public awareness of gynecologic cancer prevention, early detection and optimal treatment.

Creative Hope
Creating Hope is a nonprofit organization providing art materials and art events at no cost to cancer patients.

Survior Resources
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