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What will your legacy be?


Planned giving, also called deferred giving or legacy giving, is the act of making plans to leave money or assets to nonprofits at a future date, usually after death. It's a process wherein individuals are often able to arrange larger gifts for the future than they can make now with their present income. There are several types of planned gifts, each of which can be adapted to a donors' specific needs and wishes.

Ovar'coming Together would be grateful to be considered in your desire to leave a lasting mark in the fight against ovarian cancer in Indiana.  Below we have outlined a couple of the simplest ways to share your generosity.

1. Bequest.  Bequests make up the majority of planned gifts. Anyone can make a bequest to a nonprofit through their will or estate plan. Donors can allocate a specific amount of money to give after they die, either in a lump sum or as a percentage of their total wealth, or they can choose to give the remainder of their estate to a nonprofit after all of their other bequests are paid.


2. Life Insurance or Retirement Plan.  It's easy to list Ovar'coming Together as a beneficiary in a life insurance or retirement plan you own.

3. Gift of Stock. Your broker can assist you in making a gift of stock by means of direct transfer to Ovar'coming Together. Donating a gift of publicly traded stock that has increased in value and that you have owned for more than one year may provide greater tax benefits than giving cash. You may also benefit by not incurring brokerage fees since you are transferring ownership rather than selling the stock.


If you would like to make a gift of stock, please note the following information:


  • Brokerage House: Pershing LLC

  • Account Name: Ovar'coming Together

  • Account Number: 41A038722

  • Financial Advisor: Wayne Piper

  • Telephone number: 317-863-9223

  • DTC Number: 0443


Please let Ovar'coming Together know when a stock transfer is made so that it may properly acknowledge your gift and forward necessary information for any tax deduction.


Ovar'coming Together cannot give advice or help in decision making regarding a planned gift. It's very important that you consult with your professional advisers before making any planned gift. 

Thank You.

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